A bit of background

Two weeks ago I booked a ticket back to Greece to vote in the “bailout referendum”. It is the most impulsive thing I have done in a long while. I did it firstly because I wanted to have my say in what I felt was a pivotal vote. I also wanted to see the situation on the ground with my own eyes.

I made the pilgrimage to vote, and I instantly felt dirty. I have found it hard to explain this to people, particularly my non-Greek friends, without sounding like a ranting lunatic. So I have come to the internet, where ranting is the norm, ha ha. Seriously though, I felt compelled to present a slightly better informed analytical perspective on recent events than I have tended to find in the media. I wanted to shine a light on some of the absurdities that proliferate in the current situation – I couldn’t possibly be comprehensive, the volume is enormous – to introduce a logical perspective. I am on the side of logic, but aside from that I will try not to be partisan.

I wish I had had the presence of mind to document my observations as they occurred over the last two weeks, but I am not a natural blogger or habitual user of social media. I know that my posts will lack that raw immediacy of tweets and live news feeds, and I hope that doesn’t make them seem less “authentic”. Not only will you get an overabundance of instant response elsewhere, but I also take the old fashioned view that a bit of time to reflect is not a bad thing.

A bit of background

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