Live your myth in Greece


Thankfully, one tourism sector is still thriving in Greece. Athens on the night of a major bailout vote remains on the itinerary of every self-respecting young anarchist’s Grand Tour, along with Seattle, Frankfurt, and the G7 summits.

In the brief but violent and apparently orchestrated disturbances that took place on Wednesday evening, a number of people were arrested for attacking police and property in central Athens. These included a not-so-young Italian citizen with a full petrol can and a stash of super-charged molotov cocktails, showing the promise of rapid technological advancement in direct-action R&D. Meanwhile a very international graffiti collective took advantage of the distraction to spray-paint metro trains in the Thiseion station. At a time when we lament the inability of nations to find collaborative solutions, Germans, French, Australian, Dutch, Polish and Ukrainian nationals came together in a show of solidarity against drab public transport in a foreign capital.

At the time of writing we are unaware of any plans by the Greek Tourism Organisation to actively promote these friendship initiatives.

CORRECTION: We are now reliably informed that all of the individuals arrested in Syntagma Square were in fact foreign agents (ξένοι πράκτορες). Of course. We apologise unreservedly for our momentary lapse of knee-jerk instinct. 

Photo credit: Athens July 15 by Jan Wellmann licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Live your myth in Greece

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