Hey babe…



[showered, clean shirt, tucked in, just enough product to keep the quiff neat, but looking appropriately sleepless]

Μωρó μου (babe)…

I’ve done a lot of thinking… I think it’s time to show some commitment. I know things between us have been rough lately. But that’s because I’ve been fighting for us, babe. Because I really care. [look defiant!] You know, I was the one who told your ex to p*ss off and stop making unreasonable demands. I made the whole world listen. When your family tried to come between us I wanted to tell them to p*ss off too, but you know I can’t do that.

Yes, I know I promised a lot, and I haven’t been able to deliver like I wanted [puppy eyes]. But I’ve shown willing. I did take you to the 2-D Transformers movie, and er… a bunch of other things that I can remember now… but when we’re back together for good I promise you it’s going to be 3-D all the way. I’ve got some pocket money already, we can go out tonight.

You know, I’ve fallen out with loads of people over this. People I thought were friends, but who betrayed me. What you gonna do? H8ers gonna H8

Babe, [puppy eyes again] I know I’ve driven you to the brink, but I’m sorry. Our most beautiful days are still ahead of us. I know only I can make you happy. You have to trust me on this.

So.. whaddya think?


Hey babe…

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