PR shock tactics – agrarian edition

To: Greek Farmers Union, Agrinion Chapter

From: ¡Revolución! Communications 

Re: “Project Jihad”

Nice work, guys.

The youtube video of your little conceptual performance at the barricades has gone viral.

First of all, great homage to the ISIS PR machine. Those guys are at the cutting edge (see what I did there?) and you have used their visual vocabulary to great effect: nothing says “holy war” like orange jumpsuits and big knives, and the face masks add a whole new dimension of creepy. Really amps it up on the French-style milk/whitewash-spilling, right? That stuff is just so derivative and passé… Also, I think you’ll agree it’s good to take the heat off that little “incident” the other day: giving stage instructions on-camera at a “spontaneous” protest is “breaking the fourth wall”, you need an educated audience to appreciate the Brechtian reference and not cry “media set-up” like the local heathens.

Second, I know you’ve been getting a lot of heat about this being “offensive”. Now here’s the genius: who are you really offending? Sure, a few hundred thousand women and children risking life and limb to get away from that kind of situation might find it traumatic. But guess what? They don’t have a say on your pensions or your tax regime, so you can offend away! It’s not like you mentioned the Civil War or anything… Is it proportionate? Hell, no. But hyperbole is the name of the game. All publicity is good publicity. The outraged urban elites having conniptions about this on social media are just doing your work for you.

Now you need to keep up the pressure. This was great for getting some advance publicity, but you need to start thinking about the main event.

I will be very disappointed if next week in Syntagma Square I don’t see, in addition to the ninja footwork and the regional beefcake, a nice plump burning effigy in a silk tie and pocket square. At the very least.


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PR shock tactics – agrarian edition

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